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There are many of today's pundits claiming search engine marketing is on the way out. This thinking then has also begun rumors that search engine optimization using whether using a simple seo strategy or a complex array of strategies is also following suit.

Whether they want to realize it or not, even with Social Media (like Facebook or Twitter), Mobile (or MOBI) platforms, or even video media sites (like You Tube) anyone or any business who wants their online presence to dominate an online marketplace and create streams of targeted organic traffic, it will be vitally necessary to be in a place where one can "be found" which means being at the top of any search engine results.  

Why? simple seo strategy for the best search indexing 

The fact is that anything digital in any form of text, pictures, videos or even social media  posts has to be identified, indexed and cataloged in order to be found. And whether its on your local hard drive or on the ever expanding platforms of the internet, a "search" is required in order to find information - especially by others who don't have a clue of where to look for it.  
Understanding this means that using a simple SEO strategy or combination of strategies will always be necessary in some form or another.

Problem is, only those who have SEO optimization as an intregral part of their online business marketing strategy understand its true simplicity and even fewer know that it does't really require any special technical knowledge. 
To clear the foGet Targeted Traffice with Simple SEO Strategyg generated by the overwhelming amount of information (and disinformation) about search engine optimizaiton, what we here at Simple SEO Strategy will provide on a continued basis is to unveil that it's not rocket science - and being one I can vouch that it is not!

To start, here are the undisputable fundementals that need to be understood and are vital to SEO optimization and implementation of even a simple SEO strategy that gets you on target with search engine results:

  1. Keywords  simple seo strategy key to money

  2. Having the right "Key" is what will unlock the doors to an onslaught of people (i.e. massive targeted traffic) getting to your site.  And until artifical intelligence has evolved enough to have the cognitive skills of human beings, text is needed to convey information and ideas (yes, even videos need some textual identification in the digital world). Hence "words" that provide that key, (i.e. keywords), are the foundation to connect the textual thoughts your readers, customers, or clients are using when they perform a search in a marketspace where you desire to be found. And remember, not everyone uses the same textual thoughts when searching.

  3. Content  simple seo strategy build relavant content

  4. Without question until communication is done without words, content will be the definitive undisputable king of how search engines evaluate and rank a website, video or even a social media presence for relavancy to a searchers textual thought. So crafting and tweaking your content to best protray your business to the largest majority of word thoughts used by those searching for information that relate to your internet presence is a simple SEO get it right, keep it relavant and make it readable - right out the gate.

  5. Links    

  6. simple seo strategy building quality linksInbound and outbound links are crucial to SEO optimization so that search engine s  see your site and information as a trusted and relevant source. And if your internet presence is s een as an authority about dog training and you have links that send people to information on how to date after divorce, then your relavancy is undermined and ranking leverage is dimishe  d.  Always build back links from other relavant and high ranking sites, crosslink the content within   your own site (ensuring it's relavent and ranking well), and identify influential social media users  who 1) provide content relavant to yours and 2) want to share content reciprocally. 

Even if you have absolutely no knowledge of SEO optimization, anyone can learn and apply the basic techniques to achieve a dominate presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine results within your targeted market.
We will be providing complete detailed information on these fundementals with a practical simple SEO strategy demonstration showing how to implement each into your search engine optimization efforts.

We have also come across a great marketing alliance that is using a simple do it yourself seo software that combines each of these strategies with simple cut and paste ease.

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