Get targeted traffic with seo optimization

10 DIY SEO Optimization Tips to Optimise Your Site for Free  Web Traffic

Want to generate 100% free organic traffic by pulling in visitors from search engines? Get targeted traffic with DIY SEO optimization.  It is well documented that every year more and more people use the search engines to look for things that they already want to buy. Those searchers who are looking for what you are promoting are called “targeted traffic”.


How Do You Get Thatdreaming-of-highly-targeted-traffic Targeted Traffic To Your Website?

First, you must get your webiste to the front page of Google, Yahoo, or MSN.  These are the 3 main search engines.  However, of the 3 big search engines, Google has by far the most search traffic so our focus will be on Google.  Once searchers have typed in their search query, Goolge will return them usually millions of pages of results.  Most searchers will never even look at page 2 of those search results which means that you have to be on page one to get the largest number of visitors to your site.  Actually, 80% of all traffic comes from the top 3 postions on page one.  For Google this is called a Google ranking.  That brings us to the next question.

How Do You Get Your Web pages on Google's first page of Search Results in a Top Ranking Position?

This is where SEO- Search Engine Optimisation comes in to play.   SEO is the art and science of optimising your web pages so that the search engines can index your pages and list them somewhere in their search results. To make it easier for them to do the work of indexing they want your site to be built in a certain way so that their "spiders" that crawl your site can easily find their way around and determine what your site is about so that the search engine can present it to the searcher correctly.  Of course there are not really robotic spiders crawling the web, it is the term that is used for the program that scans all web pages for indexing.  It is nothing nearly as exciting as spiders!  This program runs on a sophisticated algorithm which Google keeps secret and which they are also always changing. All the search engines have their own algorithms that determine what the requirements are to rank highly in their search engine. It is impossible to know the exact demands all of the search engines place on how they want web pages to be built but there are general lines that they do make known and when you follow these guidlines that is what is called search engine optimisation.  Just as long as you realize that even SEO experts do not know exactly how to optimize perfectly for the search engines.  They are making an educated guess based on testing that they do of what is working and what is not, but even among the SEO experts you will find many differences of opinion.  The following DIY SEO tips are known to be effective for optimizing web pages for the search engines.

10 Basic SEO Tips:

  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 1 - Choose effective keywords-  Look for keywords that your ideal client will be using in his search query.  Find the keywords that are not already too competitive.  If Google serves up over 100,000,000 million search results it will be harder to compete with longer established authoritive webistes to obtain first page rank.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 2 - Select a keyword rich domain name-  Google likes to see your keyword in your domain name.  When I chose the domain name for this website was taken and so was  However, was still available and it has my main keywork SEO in it and Google seems to like it as I am on page one for the key word simple seo stratey.  It alos appears that Google rewards age.  Older established domains seem to rank better than new ones so don't always be changing your domain name.  choose one and stick with it.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 3 - Use keywords in file names and folders-  Even though searchers will never see the names of your files and folders, Google will and it likes to see your keywords in these names.  So I use the file name simple-seo-strategy.html  You want to separate the words with hyphens or underscores.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 4 - Place your keywords in your page title tag- The page title is what you see at the top left corner of your computer screen.  Most people don't pay that much attention to it but the search engines do so it is a huge mistake to leave it blank or just put something general and generic in there.  You must put your most relevant keyword for that page as your title tag and you want to put it first.  This is called keyword prominence.  If you also want to add your company name then that should be at the end of the tag as Googles weighs the firthe left more heavily.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 5 - Use keyword text in your website navigation-  In the early days of the internet it was common to use image maps with hyper linked hotspots for website navigation.  It is still common to use images such as buttons for site navigation.  Both of these practices are now counter productive seo techniques.  Currently the search engine algorithms weigh linked text more heavily in determining rankings so even though you can put your keyword in the alt tag of an image it is better SEO pracice to use text links.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 6 - Create fresh, relevant, and keyword rich content often-  Google loves to see new content.  They will come and crawl your site more often as you publish fresh content.  The content must be relevant, meaning it must center around your keywords and hopefully it will be something that is of value for your readers as well.  Remember, Google has to like you but your readers must as well so you have to balance your SEO practices with producing content that your clients will enjoy.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 7 - Make keywords part of your META Description-  The meta tags are no longer as important for SEO as they used to be. However, it is still a good idea to put your main keywords in a compelling meta descrition tag because some search engines still display this description in the results page to describe the content of your web page.  You can be on the front page of Google but if people don't like the description to your site they will still not click the link to your page.  So first, be on the first page of Google.  And second, have a compeling description so the searcher will click through to your site.  This is how you get free targeted website traffic.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 8 - Secure high quality incoming links-  This is probably one of the most complex SEO strategies.  One of the easier ways to get incoming links is to do recipocal link exchanges with other website owners.  Make sure these websites are related to your topic and are high value sites, otherwise you can actually hurt your ranking.  Reciprocal linking is not as effective SEO practice as securing one-way links coming to your website.  A free way to get an incoming high value link is to list your website with the free but trustworthy web directory DMOZ.  The disadvantage to this simple SEO strategy is that it can take up to 18 monts to get listed.  Because link building is fairly complex and time consuming I choose to use a secret SEO software.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 9 - Use keyword text in all your links-  The text you use to anchor a link matters and needs to be keyword related as often as possible.  You never want to use "Click Here" which is what so many people incorrectly use.  This is another very simple SEO strategy that is highly underused.
  • DIY SEO Optimization Tip 10 - Create a site map-  A site map is a separate HTML page that is basically a table of contents for your website.  On the site map all the pages listed are hyperlinked.  This easily allows the search engine spiders to crawl you entire site going from one link to the next. It is also helpful for visitors to find there way around your site and not miss any pages that may have relevant information they are looking for.  Remember Tip 9 and use keywords in the link anchor text.  Also, use bullet points or numbered lists as search engines seem to weigh these more heavily as well.

When you combine these 10 DIy SEO Optimisation Tips you will be well on your way to getting your webpages at the top of the search engine rankings where you will be able to get targeted webite traffic for free.


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